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September 20, 2021
Advanced Analytics for Instructors | e-Skulahan 8

Up until now, the analytics section of e-Skulahan was only available to the Admin of the platform. Now to empower the instructors as well, we are introducing e-Skulahan advanced analytics on the Instructor’s dashboard.

There are 6 tabs for the new analytics section. Let us take a look at what the different sections will provide to an instructor.



anatytics 2
Advanced Analytics for Instructors | e-Skulahan 9

The overview section allows the instructor to get a birds-eye view of all that is happening in his/her courses and the students. An Instructor will be able to see the total number of courses, total students, and the number of reviews given by the students.

Below that they will be able to see their earnings graph consisting of daily, monthly and Yearly statements with an advanced chart view.

And in the last two sections of the overview, your instructors would be able to see their most popular course list and the review they have gotten over time. 



anatytics 3
Advanced Analytics for Instructors | e-Skulahan 10

In the courses section, your instructors will be able to see a complete list of their published courses. With columns consisting of information about total students in a particular course, the number of earnings the instructor made from a course, etc.

There is also a details button that will take the instructor to a page with more in-depth information. The details page will break down the instructors’ total number of enrolled students, in-progress courses, completed courses, number of questions their courses consist of, number of reviews received, their course earnings chart, and more.

The instructors have the option to filter their earning chart by daily, monthly, and yearly. The chart will also consist of total earnings, discounts, and refunds given. 



anatytics 4
Advanced Analytics for Instructors | e-Skulahan 11

This section of the analytics in the dashboard displays advanced earning reports for the instructors to give them a better overview of what they are making in terms of finances. They will be able to see total earnings, current balance, total withdraws, total sales, deducted commission, deducted fees.

Below they will also see a chart which will give them a chart overview of their total earnings, number of sales, commission & fees. There is also the option to filter through a specific time.



anatytics 1
Advanced Analytics for Instructors | e-Skulahan 12

The statement section lets you see a list of all the courses along with the filtering options for specific courses and published dates.

In the list, you will find columns consisting of information about statement info, earning percentage, commission percentage, fees of the platform.



anatytics 5
Advanced Analytics for Instructors | e-Skulahan 13

There will also be a student section that will show information about the students that the instructor is teaching. They will be able to see the students’ registration course date, course taken date, etc.

Once the instructor clicks on the details button, they will be redirected to a new section that will show detailed information for that student. Detailed information will consist of registration date, course taken date, progress in percentage, and a view progress button.



anatytics 6
Advanced Analytics for Instructors | e-Skulahan 14

To enable your instructors to get a copy of their own data, we have added an export section to let the instructors download their information related to their sales and students. The information will be downloaded in a CSV format.

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