Easing Your eLearning Experience With More Control and Freedom

July 22, 2022
e Skulahan update
Easing Your eLearning Experience With More Control and Freedom 3

Would you look at the date, it’s finally time for another update to our very own e-Skulahan. e-Skulahan brings some fantastic new quality of life changes to make using e-Skulahan Platform more streamlined for instructors and even students. With this update, we are making processes smoother to ensure maximum comfort for our users. 

NewNext and Previous button is introduced for the Quiz page once a Quiz is Completed

New: The instructor will be able to set “Sale Price” (Discounted Price) in the Course Builder

New: On all lesson completion, the course will be completed automatically.

New: Tutor Calendar will now highlight the Zoom Meeting Event Days

Instructor/Admin Will Be Able to Set Discounted Price Within the Course Builder

In order to make life easier for instructors, we added the option to add “Regular Price” and “Sale Price” for a course right from the course builder. This can be found in the course builder.

Themeum Tutor LMS v2.0.7 discount price
Easing Your eLearning Experience With More Control and Freedom 4

On All Lesson Completion, a Course Can Automatically Be Completed

When all lessons are now complete a course will automatically be completed. Previously you had to manually click to mark it as complete and end the course. Now, a course will automatically be completed.

Next and Previous Button Is Introduced for the Quiz Page Once a Quiz Is Completed

Quite a helpful feature introduced in this version are buttons to go back and forward from lesson to quiz without having to navigate from the sidebar. This makes the course journey more seamless and less convoluted for students taking the course. 

Once the student has finished a quiz previously they would have to navigate to the next/previous lesson on the sidebar and click to go there. Now two buttons will exist on the bottom which will easily take a student to the next or previous course module. 

As you can tell, the update focuses a lot on making the eLearning journey much smoother and easier for all of our users from Admin to Instructors alike.

Other Notable Fixes

The calendar will now highlight the Zoom Meeting Event Days: The calendar has got a new feature where the calendar will now highlight the Zoom meeting event days. This will enrich the calendar and make it more fun to use for sure. 

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