e-Skulahan's Quality Review Process

August 2, 2020

What is the Quality Review Process?

At e-Skulahan, our mission is to help anyone learn anything online. In order to ensure that students have great learning experiences, we have a Quality Review Process in place that every course goes through.

Once your course is completely ready, you need to submit your course for review to enter the course into e-Skulahan’s Quality Review Process. For more information on submitting your course for review, please refer to this article.

After you submit your course for review,  e-Skulahan’s Support Team will evaluate your course and provide feedback on all the items in our Course Quality Checklist. Once your course passes, it will be published for anyone to discover in the e-Skulahan marketplace. Until then, your course will not be discoverable in the marketplace.

What You Need to Know

  • All courses will be reviewed based on the Course Quality Checklist.
  • Required items on the list are required to pass the Quality Review Process.
  • Recommended items on the list are highly recommended, as our research has shown these factors to significantly impact student satisfaction. While they are not required to pass the Quality Review Process, they are typically the factors that distinguish the great courses from the rest.
  • Your course must pass the Quality Review Process in order to be published in the e-Skulahan marketplace.
  • You can submit your course for review by clicking “Submit for Review” at the bottom of your course page. Click here to learn more about how to submit your course for review.
  • The Quality Review Process takes 2 business days.

Course Review Time

The Quality Review Team will review your course based on our Course Quality Checklist. After your course is added to the Support Team queue, you should receive a reply within 2 business days.

To check the status of your course, go to the My Courses under Instructor Dashboard. A label will appear showing if your course is Live, In Review, or Submitted for Review.

Check Course Feedback

The Support Team will give feedback on the course feedback page, and they will inform you whether the course has been approved, or if it requires fixes.


If the Quality Review Team does not identify any required fixes, your course will be live and published in the marketplace.

Please review any recommendations the team has provided on how to improve student course satisfaction. Action on this type of feedback, however, is not required.

Needs Fixes

If your course requires fixes, then it is not live on the e-Skulahan marketplace, regardless of whether it is public or private. To publish the course, please make any required changes, mark them as fixed, and resubmit the course for review.

You will receive an email when your course is done being reviewed, which will include a link to your course dashboard, where you can see feedback.

Questions About Your Review

If you have questions about the feedback you've received, speak to a reviewer directly from the support team email. Once you hit reply, our team will be notified of your question and will respond back as soon as possible.

Re-submit for Review

Click mark as fixed as you complete all required fixes. When you're ready for e-Skulahan to review your course again, click the resubmit for review at the bottom of the page.

Once your course is approved, your course link will go live, and students can discover and enroll in your course.

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