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April 30, 2021

Neil Yanto e Learning Update

Hope you are staying safe during these uncertain times. We wanted to take the time to share with you some good news about our update.

In the past few days, we had a full website maintenance because our website is running slow. We made a lot of changes to improve the user experience-the Instructor, Affiliate, and Student.


Our website experienced a low running speed from 23% to 15% based on Google Website Speed Test. As a result, all files inside our database and website storage are affected.

The files stored on our website increases from 23Gb to 29Gb so our website reached its maximum level of storage which results in website error.

Also, we need other platforms to publish videos on our website like Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, JWPlayer and etc.



Website Speed base on Google Website Speed Test: BEFORE 

update 2


Website Speed base on Google Website Speed Test: NOW

update 1


Neil Yanto e-Learning can run self-hosted videos. We don't need other video platforms to run and publish online course. WOHOoo... We Make it!

How to upload a Video?

STEP 1: Go to Course Builder and Add Lesson

update 3

STEP 2: CLICK Upload Video

update 4

STEP 3: Upload Video File, Click the File and Use this media

update 5

STEP 4: Add Video Information and click Update Lesson

update 6

STEP 5: Repeat and click Publish Course if Finish.



How to set your online course in a subscription type?

STEP 1: Create an Online Course

STEP 2: Publish an online course

STEP 3: Go to Live Chat Support and Request to set an online course in recurring payment.

STEP 4: Answer all Support Questions




Our main payment method is only paymaya. You can enroll in our online course using a Credit/Debit Card, Paymaya Card, and Paymaya QR CODE.



  1. All Video Files Protect from download in Google Extention like IDM and other website downloaders.
  2. Own Social Media Platform. Create posts in timelines and groups. The instructor can create their own group for an online course. Students can private message the instructor using our own messenger platform.
  3. We create 2 or more templates for the instructor landing pages in the network extender.


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